Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Gary Beck - Music Video!

I have just recovered from my crazy week designing and making costumes for signed artist, Gary Beck. A DJ, this was his first music video. I was so grateful to be part of it. The atmosphere was amazing and I got the privilege to be part of a fantastic team. This wasn't the first music video I had done costume for, with Simone, so I knew what to expect and I knew it would be amazing.


Basically there are 4 characters within the entire music video.

The Witch
Master Bird
2 Minion Birds

A dog was also used in the production, as it was a main part of the plot. I'm not actually going to talk about the overall plot as I don't want to give the story line of the video away but basically the witch and the bird folk don't get on.

The set was incredible! We shot over two days, on pretty much the same location just in different areas. We first went to a woodland area then we went to an area known as 'The Devil's Pulpit.' - So beautiful!

So after my meeting with Simone, only 2 weeks ago now, ideas were pulsing through my mind. After I had done my research on more theatrical pieces. I began to sketch!


                                                                THE MASTER BIRD

This was my first initial sketch for the master bird. The masks were being made elsewhere and I had to ensure I made a costume that worked well with the masks. Basically I was issued with a jacket, a jacket that was about 3-4 sizes too small for the actor may I add. I then had to alter it, insert a panel, cut away sleeves etc. My choices actually worked out pretty well in the end.
Another image of my designing process, I had plenty of a sort of veil material that I wanted to scrunch up and stitch onto the neck so it resembled a birds nest.
This is a other design idea but still after not being able to see the jacket that was purchased I couldn't get my hopes up on this, I loved this design. Ripped jeans or trousers would be ideal, maybe not even ripped.
This was the jacket that was given to me for the Master Bird. It was brought to my attention that the actor playing this character had broad shoulders and was very tall. I asked my boyfriend, to be my model for me, although he didn't have broad shoulders or was as tall, it didn't fit him at all. I began to panic, if it didn't fit him, it was obviously not going to fit the actor. This costume as actually the last one I done, and it oddly enough took the least amount of time. It did however involve a lot of breaking down. I used my trusty breaking down kit for that, with my favorites; spray paints, boot polish and Vaseline!

This was the finished result! I ended up having to cut the sleeves away completely, leaving the inside quite messy. I had purchased a black feather boa which I cut up and stitched around pockets of the jackets and collar! I also bought gorgeous £100 per meter fabric ALTHOUGH I ONLY BOUGHT 40CM OF IT -  for around the shoulders. I made a sort of crow tail panel to go down the back of the jacket. I had also made 3 minion costumes and only two actresses were used so we had an extra minion cape which we gave to the master too. It worked really well!

                                                                   THE MINIONS

These were the initial designs for my 'minions'! On the left I thought about create a small cape, similar to a shrug for around the shoulders. For the top I cut strips of black Lycra which I was going to tie around the actresses, showing skin. On the bottom half there would be leggings that I cut into. Keeping the leggings and top half idea, I then became more fond of the second design on the right.

I started to make...

Modeled on my lovely boyfriend, Michael. I took the measurements of my 'minions' arms and then with plenty of Velcro and thread I managed to create a way that made the two parts of the cape stay on the arms. It's only connected at the back with a small piece of material. I also used the expensive material on the shoulders for this costume.

Here is a photo, of director Simone Louise Smith herself, also acting, in the minion costume! I had to make small feathers from fabric as buying actual feathers proved to be too expensive.

Here is my fabric feathers, I took a strip of fabric which I knew would fray easily and began to add a zig zag stick right down the middle. I then began to cut out feather shapes, keeping sure that the zig zig stitch was in the center of each feather as that's what held it all together. After cutting it out, I began to pick away with a needle at first but after the 60th feather you get fed up of being too neat and use your fingers to remove unwanted material.

                                                                    THE WITCH

I was given an old nightgown that was found in a local charity shop. It was ivory and quite worn looking. Ideal. The director wanted to add a train at the back of the gown to make it look longer as if it trailed. I was running out of time and fabric, I managed to find a white fabric that I spent a night tea staining. I then added it to the hem of the gown and at the back with a train. I admit at this point I was a little weary of the two fabrics I had grouped together, ivory and white - doesn't always work out.

Simone and her sister, Natalie Smith, who also played two characters within this video, came over to my house the week of filming with many pieces of white rope. After we went over my designs and decided on certain aspects we each began to unravel pieces of rope, it left a beautiful crimped hair look. This was to be made into a wig. I admit I was pretty terrified about being left this job to do, as I have never ever in my life made a wig. I thought about buying a swimming cap and sewing/gluing it on - that proved to be too expensive and time consuming. I then went to a local fabric and fancy dress shop where I purchased a cheap blonde wig at £4.99. I carefully hand picked all of the hair off, memorizing how it was all put together. Then I cut strips of calico and took one piece of rope at a time (and there was over 50..) and machine stitched them onto the calico. After one strip of calico was finished, I hand sewed the rope/hair extension onto the base of a hair net. Very time consuming, but it proved to be effective on the day!

An image of the witch character, It's hard to tell in this photo but the hair is actually laying on the train of the dress, it was extremely long.

                                                          THE FINISHED PRODUCT!



LEE COLGAN - MAKE UP -!/pages/BuffaloLamb-HorrorBeauty-SFXBeauty-Make-Up/253773157996843

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  1. wow amazing work with this project! esp those feathers, i thought the sample in the book was a picture or sketch at first but then realised. what a great result!