Sunday, 8 July 2012



This would be the view from my couch at the moment! 

I am currently working on a few different projects, and I have just submitted a few too. Right now, as you can see by the image, I am fairly caught up to my elbows in books and drawings for my summer project from University. My summer project involves researching clothing and accessories from 1600-1899, which I then have to draw in detail each major change in fashion throughout the years stated. Quite a broad and lengthy timeline to complete, especially for me, we only have to do men and women, however I am trying to fill my time and keep my mind off certain things, so I'm going to attempt to do men and women. A set from a wealthy background and one from a working class background - I'd also like to add children from each class into the works too. I know I'm giving myself more work than what is needed but I think I'd benefit from it eventually. Not grade wise, but possibly when it comes to needing a reference to needing a certain costume. We'll see. 
Other than this I am working on the construction of a corset, keeping it 18th century, as I have just learnt how to make one and I feel by practicing the skills I'll be able to make them quicker in the future. The corset I am making is for my boyfriend's sister, for her birthday. It should be quite an exciting and interesting project, as she is very curvy and has a great body for a corset. The last corset I made I didn't feel like I was able to see the benefits a corset should as I made a women's corset, for a women but the design was for a male. Therefore I missed out various bones that I would've used if I had a women design. It's fair to say I am looking forward to this project. 
Other than this I am continuing my tiara making and I'm going to re-boot my folksy account., it's an amazing site which has a variety of things that'll catch anyone's eye! 
I have a fair few blogs that need to be re-added since my major melt down, these are of past projects that I'd like to share again, hopefully more to be added soon!

I'm in a fleetwood mac mood lately.

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