Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Finally started my Summer Project!

Thank the lord, I finally got the guts to draw in my new sketch book! There always seems to be some sort of barrier when it comes to drawing in a blank sketchbook, for me anyways. Much similar to starting an essay; I need something to kick the whole thing off, if that makes any sense whatsoever.
So yes, I've started. Feeling pretty good about it too, free hand, no templates at all. I've annotated around the edges with just a description at the side. My plan is to do men and women till 1900's then go back and IF I have any spare time, I'm going to do a male and female child image along with some fabric sample drawings.
I'm getting pretty into this now, I've even started making a research photo and when I move into my new flat all by myself, I'm going to spend time organizing everything into years etc. I know, how overly organised and ever so slightly weird am I?
I'm just so pleased I've actually started this, I can relax slightly. More to do tomorrow!

Still have to make a corset by the end of summer too! Should be fun!


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